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Need Roof Repairs?

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What We Do

If you are looking for roof repair of any sort, Pine Ranch is a great choice. We are the leading roof repair company working for a long time in Texas and Louisiana. We have been repairing roofs in these locations in the US by having the best roofing contractors onboard. Our expert and professional repairers are capable of roof repair, roof installation, roof coating, and other related services both for residential and commercial spaces. Our company has proven experience in this field with a lot of satisfied customers. All our staff is highly experienced and skilled. We rely on advanced equipment and techniques to make all types of roof repairs. Our company understands all the complexities of roof repairing and know their optimal solutions. You will be satisfied and pleased with our professional roof installation and repair services.

Maintenance & Repairs

We provide roof repair in Plano for all types of residential and commercial roofing systems. Whether the issue turns out to be minor or your roof has suffered extensive damage in a storm, we provide quality work that surpasses all current building codes.

Insurance Claims

Pine Ranch entertain Insurance Claims. Please get in touch with us at Contact Us

Roof Installation

When it comes to roof installation, Pine Roof Ranching is a licensed roofing repair contractor equipped to efficiently handle any roofing project with quality services.


Coatings protect your roof in a great way. But roof membranes have emerged on the scene recently. A membrane for a roof is a coating that is not like your random coating. PVC, TPO, or EPDM make up a roofing membrane. Thed membrane is applied on top of the roof for various purposes. These membranes provide enhanced protection in calamities. Moreover, they multiply the energy-saving feature compared to that of roof coating.

Roof Coating

Roof coating is the process of covering your ordinary roof with some material. The coating can be for various purposes. For example, you can coat your roof to look good. Some people coat their roofs, especially metal roofs, to keep them safe from corrosion. But on a general scale, the coating protects and shines your roof simultaneously.

Metal Roofs

Wooden roofs always get prone to rainfall and other natural calamities. And thus it requires perfect protection. Metal roofs not only add extra protection but provide great insulation too. We offer the best metal roofing facilities. From the selection of the metal to color, and installation.

Roof Warranties

Pine Ranch covers Roofing Warranties for their clients with a hassle-free process. Please get in touch with us if you have any warranties to claim.

Asphalt Roofing


An asphalt roof is a unique roof. In essence, you will easily recognize it off from a long range. An asphalt roof has unique patterns. Sometimes a combination of two colors such as dark and light grey. It is best known for its rigid nature. This type of roof provides string support against calamities such as heavy rainfall and hailstorm. Moreover, this type of roof is cost-effective and has longer life. In short, it is durable and is easier to maintain and renovate.


Fencing Systems

Fences have importance and usage in yards and farms where privacy is the key. Whenever you built your house you wish to add a garden next to it. And to avoid littering and unwanted trespassing, you need to keep it private. This is where fences come in handy. Fences present a boundary to your place make it private and limited to you. Farms and other yards have fences to mark the boundaries and to protect the land too. Pine Ranch offers you fence installation services.

Roof Repair & Installation Experts

Pine Ranch comes up with the best roofing solutions that give your home or business space protection for many years to come. We have proven experience in providing top-notch roof repair services that are specially designed to meet your needs and budget.

  • Experienced & Skilled Team
  • Hassle-free Process
  • Insurance Claims
  • The affordable roof repair cost
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Residential & Commercial Roof Repair Solutions 

We are offering repairs for roofs both on a residential and commercial level. Being the leading roof repair company, we come up with incredible solutions based on your specific needs. No matter, what issue you are facing related to your roof, we offer efficient repair services that are fast and affordable. We rely on advanced equipment and techniques to repair roofs. However, you can consult us for the repair of roofs of all types without going out of budget.

    Residential Roof Repair 

    If you are facing any roofing problem in your home, consult the roof repair squad. We are experts to mitigate and repair roof damages of all sorts. Our services ensure the increase in your rood life span along with eliminating the existing issue. We are experts to repair all types of residential roofs with excellence. 

    Commercial Roof Repair 

    We provide incredible commercial roof repair services for all buildings, offices, factories, and other spaces. In case of any roof leakage or other sort of damage, you can rely on us as we efficiently fix the issue quickly. We have the resources, skills, and training that let us handle commercial roof repair with professionalism. However, our team of experts can deal with all roofing systems and types to meet your immediate roof repair needs. 

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    Eddie did a great job, he was in and out on the same day. He was very respectful and ambitious. They made sure I was happy every step of the way, and did it at a very competitive price.


    “Pine Ranch Roofing did excellent work. They used great quality materials. True professional in roofing. Owner is great to work with -very knowledgeable about the products he installs, started the job and finished the job as he promised. I recommend Pine Ranch Roofing to anyone in need of a new roof or repair!


    Eddie and his crew were very professional and made sure they cleaned up after they were done with our roof. Eddie inspected my roof and explained everything to me so I knew what was needed and he worked with my budget and made sure I got the best roof possible for my budget.

    Theresa Reeves

    These guys came and did my roof at my rental property after Hurricane Laura. They did an amazing job. They are very thorough and send pictures throughout the entire process. Will be using them in the future aim.


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