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Roofing Installation

Roof  Installation

Pine Ranch Roofing is the best roof installation company that focuses on customer satisfaction the most. And this is possible by unmatchable work. Our services include roof installation, roof repairing, roof coatings and maintenance, etc. Variety of services are available at your disposal for your requirements. But our roof installation is what is most talked about in the market these days. We have a dedicated professionals for each step. We believe that client should get the best deliverables by our services.

Roof Types

We offer variety of roofing services including Rood Installations and Roof Coatings. Moreover, our crew has specific training to install, maintain, and repair all of the following roof types too. 

Gable Roof 

The Gable roof has a triangular shape throughout. It has a uniform pattern whichever way you look at it. This roof gives your house a hut-like shape.

Mansard Roof

It is similar to a gable roof in the sense that it has a triangular shape when seen from the front. But the triangular shape changes into a flat or another triangle from the top. In short, this roof type lies in-between a gable roof and a flat roof. 

Flat Roof 

It is simply a flat surface. Mostly, flat roofs accompany gable roofs to make a unique design or pattern. Your car porches can good use of these roofs. Additionally, we have expertise in flat roof installation as well as flat roof repair too. 

Hip Roof

If you look at a gable and hip roof from the front you might not see any difference. However, if you look at both of these roofs through an aerial view there is a difference. A hip roof looks like a 3D triangle whichever way you turn. 

Roof Installation: A Service that Speaks Volume 

At Pine Ranch Roofing, Our dedicated crew makes sure that there is no loophole present. That is why we present you the following map of how Pine Ranch Roofing conducts roof installation.

Material Selection 

We make sure our clients have the total say in what the roof should look like. For your information, you can select PVC, EPDM, Asphalt, TPO, and metal roof installation.  

Removing Previous Roof 

We make sure our inspection team works in a top-notch fashion. For this, the priority is to figure a way to remove the old roof. But this is the case when you require roof placement. However, we make sure that no damages to the structure occur during the removal of old roofs. 

Make Flashings 

We install perfect flashings on your roof to protect it. With perfect flashing, there is no chance that rainwater would stay on the roof for long. And thus, your roof remains protected for a long time. 

Fine Detailing 

A gap, generally minor, develops around the nails and fasteners. This is natural. But these minor gaps can cause major damages. Gaps can be filled with rainwater and remain there for a long time. Eventually, this leads to leakage. To avoid this, we use adhesives to cover these minor spacing.

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